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    Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

    CO1 - Explain the sources of Malaysian law, the legal principles of contract, agency, sale of goods contract and hire purchase agreement in Malaysia.
    CO2 - Apply legal principles of the law in a group presentation, case study and as well as in a written test.

    The course objective are to provide the basic system theories of compensation system, the importance of compensation management to employers and employees in the organisation. also expose student to legislation's role in managing compensation and integrate the three components of job analysis which support formulation of salary structure.
    Apply intermediate cost and management accounting concepts and techniques in preparing contract account, production cost report and income statement. (C3)

    Work in team to prepare and present contemporary cost report. (C3)
    Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:
    CO1 Describe the financial management and its functions, components of the financial environment, the roles of a financial manager and goals of a firm. (C1)
    CO2 Apply the concept of the time value of money, concept of risk and return and their relationship.(C3)
    CO3 Apply the working capital of business and capital budgeting techniques in the decision-making process, capital investment decisions for the firm and financial leverage on the firm’s risk.
    CO4 Analyse the financial performance of the company. (C4)
    Recognise accounting knowledge, principles, concept, tools and techniques in business context.(C2)
    Apply accounting knowledge, principles, tools and techniques for financial performance evaluation purposes. (C3, A4)
    Demonstrate teamwork skills in preparing financial statements using an accounting software. (C3, A3)
    Describe the basic concept of cost accounting and its classification in manufacturing companies. (C2)
    Apply costing techniques, methods and formats to determine total cost. (C3)
    Work in team to prepare and present product cost by applying the costing concepts. (C3)
    This course is an introduction and management accounting. Students will learn about the basic concepts of manufacturing cost including material, labour and overhead. Furthermore, students will calculate total cost and income statement to make a short term decision making and use it for planning and controlling process.
    Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

    CO1 - Apply the principles of law relating to the contract of service, formation of Trade union, collective bargaining and collective agreement.
    CO2 - Explain the types and sources of law in Malaysian Legal System.
    CO3 - Explain the concept of natural justice.
    CO4 - Explain the law relating to the payment of employees’ wages, industrial dispute and industrial court jurisdiction.
    Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:
    CO1 Describe the importance of credit, consumer loans and the concept of house planning on acquiring a house (C2)
    CO2 Explain the types of personal investment and basic concepts of insurance (C2)
    CO3 Explain the importance of retirement and estate planning (C2)
    CO4 Analyse the personal financial planning (C4)
    This course covers the various aspects in the field of human resources development with importance given to the aspects of training and development in an organization. It includes the vital parts in the training and development field such as training process, importance of training and various related issues that need to be dealt with. The usage of various new technologies into training process is also discussed.

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