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This course is an early exposure to the students to the human resource activities. It serves to introduce students to the activities and basic concept in the performance management. It also designed to expose to the students the importance of performance management as a whole.
This course exposes students to the industrial relations system scenario in Malaysia. It touches on the role of Ministry of Human Resources in the industrial relations system, the related laws and acts, the unions and its activities, collective bargaining and agreement, trade disputes and methods to solve it, industrial actions, and principles of natural justice among others.
This course covers the various aspects in the field of human resources development with importance given to the aspects of training and development in an organization. lt includes the vital parts in the training and development field such as training process, importance of training and various related issues that need to be dealt with. The usage of various new technologies into training process is also discussed.
This course covers the occupational safety and health management in relation with the safety at the workplace. It also covers the laws and acts, theories and preventions to reduce the number of industrial accidents and occupational diseases at the workplace.
Proficiency English 2 is the second level of proficiency paper. The curriculum is designed to raise the standard of English language usage in classrooms. It focuses on the major aspects of learning English mainly grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing in a more advance level. This course/module is to prepare them for the next level of the curriculum. The classroom activities are conducted in a manner that enables the incorporation of all skills and focuses high emphasis on effective writing.

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